Monday, January 11, 2010

Shoes, shoes, shoes

I used to work a shoe company - you may have seen it on Sex and the City. Needless to say, I love shoes. After an injury to my foot, I can only wear boring, supportive flats. It is really hard for a girl with BEAUTIFUL shoes to not be able to wear them! So what do I do? I buy shoes for Olivia.

A must this season - sparkly sneakers. I personally love the glitter Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. Liv has a pair in purple and she just loves to put them on. They have elastic laces so they go on easily. I also love the silver ones. I bought a pair of silver ones for her for next season. I also love Skechers Twinkle Toes sneakers. They have some bling on the toes with a fun, bright pattern on the side. The toddler sizes have velcro and elastic so they are really easy to put on and off. Nordstrom sells both of these shoes.

A desire this season - Uggs. They still have not gone out of style and while I like them for myself, I have never seen anything cuter than a toddler in a pair of beige Uggs. Get a pair of skinny jeans from the Gap or leggings and a tunic and you will just PLOTZ!!!!

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  1. This blog is a great way for you to channel your fashion energy!!!!!! And of course Olivia's little cousin Amelia will benefit too!