Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have found some GREAT buys and some adorable styles for Olivia and myself from I like to shop online but there are two things I hate about it. First, I hate paying shipping. Second, I hate waiting for the package. has free overnight shipping. It is the closest thing to instant gratification you can get from shopping online. To make things even better, I think the website is run by Amazon so like Amazon, the customer service is amazing. They also have free returns for up to 1 year after the shoes are purchased (free return shipping, too!).

Some great brands they sell for kids are Jumping Jacks (comfy and cute basic styles - Liv wore a pair of white sandals by JJ ALL summer), Noel (stylish and cute boots), Ecco (yes - they sell them for kids), Puma (check out the Drift Cat II Diamonds sneaker),
Lelli Kelly (for a little bling), Pediped (for pre-walkers/early walkers; check out the Olivia style), and a ton more.

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