Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun Fall Fashion Continued...

I like to look at a lot of different websites and in a lot of different stores to find cute items to report back to you.  There is always a point in a season when Liv's closet is fully stocked but I find something that I want to get for her.  The rational side of me knows I have to have a limit!!  So the next best outlet is to tell you about it!!

Flowers by Zoe is always a front runner for girls' fashion.  Their fabrics are soft, colors are rich, and they have a great sense of style.  I came across these two dresses and just fell in love.  The first one (Zebra Print Ombre Dress - $100 at Nordstrom) is probably not an every day item but would be great for holiday parties at friends' houses.

For a fancier option, check out this sparkly number (FBZ Sequin Tank Dress - $164 at Nordstrom)

You can also find a great selection of Flowers By Zoe at Neiman Marcus, Denny's, and many other retailers.

J Crew just keeps it coming...their fall/winter line for Crewcuts lives up to the expectations.  For boys and girls, you can find a huge selection of everyday play wear, special occasion outfits, shoes, outerwear, etc.  I think this combo is adorable for a toddler or little girl:

They have a huge selection of shoes.  They are not all J Crew brand.  They sell Sperry, Converse, Superga, and a lot more.  I saw these shoes a couple of months ago in my size but a 6 year old would rock them a lot better than I would (Sperry Metallic Leather Boat Shoes - $78):

And these sneakers would be great for any toddler (Spring Court Metallic Sneaker - $110):

Another item that I am in LOVE with is this plaid Burberry Tunic.  Paired with a pair of leggings/tights and some cute boots and your little one could be walking down the runway!!  Again, this is probably a special occasion item but when you are sending out those holiday cards, it will be worth the money.  (shown below in Elderberry and Gold Ochre - Nordstrom $155)

The last item for today's post are a pair of boots for boys (probably for 6 months to around 24 months although not good for walking outside) - they are a masculine trendy take on the classic "Boo" style.  (Can be found on the Ugg website, Zappos, Neiman Marcus - $50)

As I continue to "research" the trends, I will report back to you and keep your kids looking their best.  If you ever want to find something specific, just email me at and I would be happy to try and help!

With the holidays coming up, it is a great excuse to pick up that item you have been eyeing.  Remember that we take a lot of pics during the holidays and want our kids to be framed looking their best!

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