Saturday, October 23, 2010

If I am swaddled and sleeping, am I still stylish?

As my fashion focus gets split between toddler trends and layette, I can't help but check both the 2T to 4T and 0-3 month sections of every store and website.  Not knowing if this next one will luckily inherit Olivia's wardrobe (if its a girl) or send my research for trendy clothes into overdrive (if it is a boy), I will definitely have fun dressing another little one.

I did not do a layette for Olivia.  I did not know if I was having a boy or a girl and not having too many other friends with kids, I was completely in the dark when it came to cute kids' clothes.  I thought Carter's and Baby Gap were it!!  I shake my head in disbelief when I think of all of those lost fashion moments.  One might argue that they grow so fast so why waste the money...Olivia was wearing size 24 months by age 1 so I get that.  So here is my approach to baby #2.  Get a few key pieces for play dates, mommy and me classes, and trips to the store and wear the pj's with ducks all over them at home.

Having immersed myself into kids' fashion, I have had a great opportunity to attend the best market show for kids' clothes in NYC.  I get to preview ALL of the best brands from Tea Collection to Flowers by Zoe. I have been paying extra attention to the brands that have the best layette and here is what I have come up with (click the logo for the company's website).

Splendid Littles - soft fabrics, functional pieces, great color combinations, priced from the high $30s to the $50s

Baby Steps - fun prints, matching blankets and hats available, cute tie-dye fabrics, functional pieces for newborns priced from the $30s to $50s

Coccoli - super soft fabric, stylish prints, matching hats and blankets, great "going home" outfits, hats around $15, rompers/sets from $30s to $50s

Petit Bateau - classic styles and prints, last a long time, wash well, priced $40+

Paige Lauren Baby - this brand is not as well known but well worth it - great fabrics, not "over designed", simple and classic, priced $13 for caps, $20s to $30s for rompers/separates, etc

Whether you are expecting a baby or trying to buy a fantastic baby gift, none of these brands will steer you wrong.  Get a matching cap or blanket with a gown or romper and the little ones in your life will look just as stylish as the bigger kids!!

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