Friday, November 19, 2010

Don't be scared of these Crocs

Every summer, I get Liv a pair of basic Crocs.  They are great for the beach, easy to put on and take off, and great for a kid that can't figure out flip flops.  After a toe injury last year, Crocs were the only thing I could wear without limping and while my Manolos started shriveling up from the loneliness, my feet were happy so I did't care.

When I bring Liv to dance class, I thought it would be a good idea to get a pair of Crocs so I could just throw them on over her tights and put on her ballet slippers when we got to class.  I looked on the Crocs website a few weeks ago and was going to go for the basic style and was deciding between lined (Blitzen) and not lined.

Functional, matches a lot, no brainer...until I got sucked into Denny's with their Fall/Winter sale on Thursday...I walked into the store and immediately grabbed these Crocs for fear that they would not be there after I checked out the toddler section.

The picture from the Crocs website does NOT do them justice.  They have a silver glitter band along the bottom and a jeweled bow accessory attached on one shoe.  I tried to get a shot with my Blackberry and while the quality isn't great, you can kind of see the sparkles a little bit more.  I brought them home and let's just say Olivia wanted to wear them to sleep!!

I got a pair for my niece for Chanukah and if you want something functional for your fashionista this holiday season, check these out!!  They come with (CrocBling Mammoth) and without (CrocBling) the lining and in three colors (black, white, and pink).  This style is $35 and the ones with the lining are $40.  Sign up to receive emails from the Crocs website and you may get an online coupon or something.  Or, head over to Denny's and snatch them up before they sell out.  I just bought them yesterday and when I went back today to pick up the pair for my niece, they already sold a bunch!!

And for those of you who are sick of reading about all of the cute stuff for girls, check out these adorable ones for boys.

This style, Crocband Sneak, comes in a bunch of colors and still have that ridiculously comfy Croc fit.  At $35, they can be worn all winter and into spring and are so easy to keep clean!!

If you are trying to avoid the fact that the holidays are weeks away, snap out of it and start shopping!  Check back soon for some other fabulous holiday ideas.

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