Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gaga over Superga and On Top with Top-Siders

Last time I was at Lester's I was looking for a dress with poofy sleeves and matching EG's socks.  It was bat mitzvah time and while Lester's was all the way in Brooklyn, Marlboro didn't have any stores that matched the selection of a store like Lester's so we made the trip.  Almost 20 years later I entered a VERY different store.

I walked into the Greenvale (Long Island) store and was immediately greeted by an incredibly nice associate who stayed with me and helped me pick out some great stuff for Liv.  They probably have close to 40 different pairs of leggings over half of which are "jeggings".  The prices range from around $20 to $40 (toddler and little girls).  Almost every pair of leggings has a coordinating top within reach with prices ranging from the $20's to higher $40's.  They have the requisite selection of Flowers by Zoe, Splendid Littles, etc but what I was very impressed with was the shoe selection.

I literally stopped in my tracks on the way to pay for my spree and locked my eyes on a pair of gold sneakers.  Those of you that read my blog know by now that I shop a lot and don't impress too easily but these little sneakers had to be a part of her back to school wardrobe.

After an hour + of shopping, Liv was about to lose it but the wonderful sales people at Lester's distracted Liv with some stickers, got her measured, and put the sneakers on her feet.  They are by a company called Superga (made in Italy) and just look simply adorable (~$50).  They didn't have her size in stock in gold (they come in other colors - silver was also cute) but they ordered them and shipped them to me the next day.  When we got them, Liv didn't want to take them off!

Liv has a slightly wide foot but these sneakers (European sizes) fit her well.  She wore gold sandals all summer and I have come to realize that gold can match almost anything.

Now for the boys...I would like to start this part of the post by saying my obsession started when I was with my friend in Nordstrom and got sucked into buying a pair of grey suede Top-Siders for myself.  They feel like wearing slippers, but they have some funky style to them.  If you dress your little guy like a mini man, he must have a pair of these shoes. You don't have to be a boater to wear them - you just have to have some style.They are around $50 and with a quick Google search, you will find a ton of places that carry them.

At this point, school has started but that does not mean back to school shopping is done!  I am always finding cute ideas and will keep you updated.  Take some time while the little ones are in school, grab a latte, and hit the stores!

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