Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beer Anyone? Tailgate for Toddlers!

It is officially football season and being married to a guy who went to a Big Ten school, I have been schooled on the importance of team spirit.  I swear to you that Liv could say "Go Blue" by 14 months.  Liv has gotten some great Michigan gear so she can support the Wolverines on game day but the choices for kids are very limited and kind of boring.

Last spring, when I was browsing the racks at Denny's, I came across a pink v-neck shirt by Tailgate Clothing with a huge Michigan "M" in bright metallic pink on the front...I had to pinch myself.  Liv had to have this shirt - it combined her parents' favorite things...Michigan football for Dad and fashion for Mom!

A couple weeks later I thought that while I wasn't so into Penn football, Liv should represent both of our schools.  I went online and found a Penn shirt by Tailgate Clothing and ordered it immediately.

What I love best about Tailgate Clothing t-shirts is that they represent your Alma Mater but have a slight vintage look to them.  I met the reps from the company a few weeks back and I saw a lot of other great items for babies and kids.  They have onesies, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and a lot of t-shirts.  You may not be able to find your school online but I would call around to the retailers listed on their website and see if you can find it (call a store in your school's state and you will probably have better luck!).


The prices range from $20's and $30's for t-shirts to as much as $60's for sweatshirts (but they are worth it - so adorable!).  I bought both shirts for Liv from Denny's (Marlboro) but you can find some products online.  One of my favorite websites, www.lilswanky.com carries a few styles.

If you have any school spirit left, let your little one represent this fall!

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  1. I like the Harvard Tee :) And Yes kids must support teams their parents support! It's really cute