Thursday, September 30, 2010


October is here and before we know it we will be dreaming of warmer days - but hopefully your little fashionista will not only be warm and cozy, but also stylish.  While the days might be topping out in the seventies, most mornings are frigid!  If you have not busted out a fall coat, get to the stores this week and do not leave without a trendy piece of outerwear!

For the fall, a safe bet is always a denim jacket for boys or girls and you will always find the perfect denim coat at the Gap.  There is no need to spend more than $30 for one and with all of the sales at the Gap, you shouldn't have a problem.  Another option is a good fleece.  This will take you more into the late fall/early winter.  I suggest a stylish and functional North Face.  They may be a little pricier ($60 to $100) but will last a lot longer than a cheaper copy.  Have you ever washed fleece and it becomes rough and full of static?  I bought my North Face 11 years ago and it is still soft!!  You can find North Face in a lot of stores but I got a basic black one from Nordstrom and have seen them on sale at Denny's.

Another popular option is a vest.  I have always thought vests are silly...if it is cold enough that you need a vest, then wouldn't your arms be cold too?  But I have also always thought they looked great!  So I would definitely not rule them out.  Puffy vests are always popular but I have seen a lot faux fur vests for girls.  They may not be an every day type of outerwear garment but a vest can definitely dress up an outfit.  The one above is from the Gap ($39.50).

For those frigid January days, we have to go further - a classic bubble jacket will keep your little one warm and fashionable.  Gap and Old Navy always have a good option for this style but you can get a bubble jacket from any department store or your favorite kids' clothing store.  Make sure you get one that doesn't have to be dry cleaned.  I think a little girl in an ivory or white winter coat is so cute and I have been eyeing one at the Gap ($59.50).  You can find some fun colors and styles at Lil' Swanky by Appaman ($96).

For a real indulgence, go out and get a coat by Corky & Company.  They are a little over-the-top but definitely eye catching.  They are warm and fun and your little one will definitely stand out of the crowd.  I found that they run a little big so if you order one online, maybe try a size smaller than what you would normally order.  The sizes start around 12 months and go up.  They are usually over $100 but if you find a print from last year, you can save some $$.  Some of the styles even have matching hats!!  I have seen them at Nordstrom and Denny's but if you go to the Corky and Company website, you can get a list of their online retailers.

Lastly, through all of my "research", I have found that the shearling style is still around but you can find some really cute updates.  For boys and girls, going faux is a fun, warm way to be trendy.  Swing coats, pea coats, and even motorcycle coats are sporting faux fur and so should your little fashionista!!  Your favorite kids' clothing store should carry something in this style and from what I have seen, run from around $60 to over $100.

So don't let your little one go out this fall in a boring windbreaker.  Hit the stores before it gets too cold and keep your child warm and fabulous!

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