Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall Trends

Skinny jeans, moto-boots, layers, and mismatched prints are filling the stores this fall.  But I will of course, give you more detail so your little fashionista is fashion forward.

JEGGINGS!!!  If you have been living under a rock, "jeggings" are the hottest trend for kids and adults.  Jeggings is the clever combination of "jeans" and "leggings" and look fantastic with tunics and flats.  I found probably 8 different brands that made jeggings at Denny's the other day (I picked up a pair by LA Made for Liv) but you can probably get them wherever you shop for your little ones.  Some companies are making pants in the style of jeans but with softer, more stretchy materials.  Skinny pants/jeans are also all over the place.  I have seen them at Nordstrom, Gap, Old Navy, Tea Collection, Crewcuts, etc (all my favorites).  The prices range from affordable to are you serious so I am sure everyone will be able to find a pair in their budget.

In addition to skinny jeans/pants, leggings under skirts are pretty big.  I just saw some adorable ribbed leggings from Tea Collection for a little over $20.  Throw on a pair of leg warmers and your child might get stopped to become a child model.  Leg warmers are also available at all of our favorite stores (except I couldn't find them at Gap or Old Navy - but I would bet they will be soon to follow).  I also am seeing a lot of layered tops with short sleeved blazers and cardigans.  If you can find prints whose colors kind of go together but look a little bit mismatched, you are set.

The next big trend is boots.  Motorcycle boots are heavy looking black boots with metal buckles.  I have seen great boots at Crewcuts, Nordstrom, Endless, Uggs, and a many other places.  You might also be able to pick up a motorcycle jacket for your biker tot.  I saw a cute one at Children's Place (I was shocked) for under $20.  Ugg has come out with a few new funky designs for fall but still have the classic boot as well as the Bailey Button from last season.  In the winter, you really can't go wrong if you throw a pair of Uggs with pretty much ANY outfit.  I prefer to go for an easy to match color like black or beige but if your wallet can stretch a little more, you can also get a brighter color or patterned boot.

I am sure there will be more to follow but with school starting, I couldn't leave you hanging!

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