Friday, August 6, 2010

Mighty Fine

I have never really been a fan of kids wearing characters all over their clothes but once the Elmo obsession started, I realized how wearing Elmo on a t-shirt for a toddler is the equivalent to wearing those jeans that make you look 10 pounds skinnier - it just makes you happy all day!

Needless to say, I had to find an Elmo shirt that kept up with the rest of Liv's wardrobe.  And I did!  Mighty Fine, a t-shirt company for all ages has a line for kids that takes their favorite characters and adding something different.  Some look vintage, some a little trendy, but all are too cute to pass up!  The kids brands are called Mini Fine and Disney Couture and I have purchased them at Denny's and at Nordstrom.  Liv ALWAYS gets compliments on her Elmo and Minnie Mouse t-shirts by Mini Fine.

I couldn't find images online of some of the shirts I have bought for Liv in the past.  They change up their stock regularly but that keeps the wardrobe fresh!  I included some of the shirts I found when Googling Mini Fine and Disney Couture.  There are so many more out there so when you are looking for something casual for your little one this fall and you want to put a HUGE smile on their face while keeping them looking stylish, definitely check out Mini Fine and Disney Couture.

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