Monday, July 26, 2010

Moccasin Boots?!?!

I remember wearing moccasins as a kid - with little beaded designs on the top and fringes on the side.  Even as a little girl, I always appreciated a cool pair of shoes.  Far be it for me to deprive Olivia of the same shoe experience.

So I went online, Googled "moccasin boots for toddlers" and found an ADORABLE pair of boots for Liv for the fall.  Minnetonka makes moccasins for all ages ranging from around $20 and up depending on the style.  I recommend the booties for an infant (in beige below) and the low boots for toddlers (in black below).  The infant booties are around $20 and come in at least 5 colors and the toddler booties come in at least 3 colors and cost around $30.  Minnetonka can be found at,, and are also carried at Jay's Shoe Box (locations in Livingston and Marlboro, NJ).

If you don't like to shop online and don't live in NJ, go to any Baby Gap store and check out their "Tall Boots" in brown for $42.50 and come in kids sizes 5 through 11 (below).  Since Gap almost ALWAYS has some sort of promotion going on, you can probably get them for 30% off ($29.75).

Pair with a pair of jeggings or some "riding" leggings and your fashionista will certainly be ready for school this September!!

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