Monday, July 12, 2010

BPA Free does not mean boring anymore

I know that most people do not put much thought into what their tupperware looks like but I am here to change that!  At this point, all of us know how important it is to get cups, plates, etc that are BPA free and you can find these things at a lot of stores but I am bored of my Gerber bowls and Nuby cups!

If you have taken your child to the beach, I am sure you have experienced the abundance of snacks necessary to get a toddler through a few hours away from the comforts of home.  Sometimes a Ziploc bag is easier but it is not the best for the environment and not the best for all types of foods.  So here is my pitch - check out Pottery Barn Kids and their great line of BPA free utensils, cups, plates, and of course, tupperware.  The set above is the Spencer Clear Food Set.  What I love about this set is that you get 4 containers for $18.50 that are BPA free, dishwasher safe, clear on the bottom, and colorful on top.

There are four colors available (I think you can guess which one I got for Liv).  I also have one of the retro lunch bags.  They are reasonably priced at $22 and can be monogrammed (great for kids in school).  They come in a lot of colors and two different styles.  When Liv starts school, I want to get her the classic lunch bag in chocolate butterfly (below).  I can use all of the PBK tupperware because it fits in and matches perfectly.  Throw in a couple of ice packs and you can use it for long trips instead of a boring cooler.
If you are going for the lunch bag, you gotta check out the Klean Kanteens in matching prints.  They are $19 and while they may seem a little expensive for a child's water bottle, they are good for the environment, can be personalized (again, good for school), and they match!  If you really want your child to make a statement on the first day of school, you can get a matching backpack.  They start at $26 for the preschool size, $39 for the small, and $45 for the large (Mackenzie Backpacks).  They can also be personalized.

One last thing - not sure if this is a temporary thing or not but I just placed an order and got free minimums or anything so act fast!!!!

Go to and stock up before this stuff goes out of stock.  (I have tried to get the tupperware many times before and they are ALWAYS sold out of pink!)

Back to school shopping is here so stay tuned for lots more posts to get you and your fashionista ready for fall!

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