Thursday, July 14, 2011

You need accessories?? Check it out!!

Finally, a place where you can find all sorts of cute accessories online.  I know that as a mother of two, I try to do as much online shopping as possible.  It is NO fun trying to pick out cute hair bows with a crying baby and a toddler trying to hang from the displays.  Whether you need a gift or something for your own "littyle" fashionista, check out Littyle Accents ( for the hottest and trendiest accessories (click on logo below).

The best seller so far has been shorts for under dresses.  They are these adorable little shorts that are meant to be long enough to just cover underwear for those girls that like to run with the boys but dress like a girl.  Monkeybar Buddies are incredibly comfy and cute - a must have.  After buying one pair, most moms come back and buy them in every color!!  I got them in white for Olivia and found that one pair was not nearly enough.  So I got her pink, black, and navy!!  The material dries really fast so it keeps them cool on hot days.  Click on the pic below to see the options ($16).

One accessory that works great for the boys and the girls, are arm and leg warmers.  They are an adorable, inexpensive way to make any outfit have the perfect amount of style.  For $12, throw them over a pair of basic leggings for girls or with shorts for boys and you will have all the moms stopping and asking you "where did you get those?'!!  I put Olivia in the Raspberry Sherbet (click on pic below) ones for dance class with a pair of bermuda shorts and she just looked ridiculously cute!!

Asher rocks the guitar legwarmers (click on pic below) and a onesie...makes diaper changes sooo much easier and I will definitely keep him in legwarmers when he starts to crawl so his knees don't hurt (whole set is also available for under $50).
And of course, hair accessories.  There are WAY too many to list here but you definitely need to get some bling in your daughter's wardrobe with the rectangle sparkle barrettes by Bari Lynn.  Sold on other websites for $15 for ONE clip, you can get a set of three fab colors for $32.

As an avid online shopper, I HATE paying for shipping.  At Littyle Accents, there is free shipping on any order over $49 and with so many cute things, you will have no problem finding enough things to meet the minimum.

New products are always arriving so after completing any last minute summer items (like sunglasses with 100% UV protection for only $10) you may need, you MUST check back for fall items.  Check out the Facebook page, too.  What I have come to realize is that as much fun as it is to pick out their wardrobe, accessories are the icing on the cake!!

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