Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where have I been?? Shoe shopping!!!

Out of sight, out of mind - I hope not!!  I have been busy busy busy but still keeping up on the trends.  I had a BLAST shopping for both Olivia's and Asher's fall wardrobe but now that school has started and things are winding down, I figured I would update you on some of the fab things I have found.

First, check out these boots from Nordstrom.  I got Olivia a pair of Kenneth Cole boots last year at Endless.com and got more compliments than any other single item in her wardrobe.  I think these boots will be just as adorable.  They start in toddler sizes but didn't carry toddler sizes in the store - only online.  They may have changed that since I was there but definitely worth looking at (click on pic for link)!
Of course, Uggs are still around.  They have two new additions that I love.  One is the Bailey Button in Navy blue - GREAT for jeans so they will match probably half of your little fashionista's wardrobe.

Get some navy hair accessories and you are set!!  Check out our rectangle sparkle clips that come in the BEST shade of navy to go with denim (sold with silver and pink so you have a clip to match anything and everything).  Click on pic to get link to clips:

An ADORABLE modification to the baby style Bailey Bow, the toddler Bailey Bow in hot pink and black is one of my new faves.

You can find these styles of Uggs at your favorite department store and if you wait for the right moment, you can get them during a friends and family event for 20% off.  Bloomie's already had one but I am pretty sure Saks and Neiman's will be due for one!

I found these shoes over the summer and since then, have completely fallen in love with them.  Available in black, pewter (which is really a sparkly black), and purple, these go great with jeans, dresses, or leggings (click on pic for link to pewter and purple)!!

And of course, we always get a pair of Pumas for the sporty looks.  These are the perfect combo of style and function - the color matches anything pink, purple, black, denim, etc.  Click on pic for link.
As for Asher, he is currently sporting some ADORABLE socks until he actually needs some shoes.  Our favorites are Trumpette Bruisers.  We had them when he was a newborn but we also got them in the next size up.  If you have ever had Trumpettes, you know that even though they are labeled 0 to 12 months, most kids grow out of them by 6 months...so you need the "toddler" size (labeled 12 to 24 months but fit Asher at 5 months)!  Click on pics for links.
Whether you are a golf fan or not, Fore! Axel and Hudson is some of the CUTEST boys clothing and accessories.  I especially love these socks and Asher always gets compliments on these.
And one of the cutest trends for boys and girls is mismatched socks!  This brand, Blind Mice, are super comfortable (I have a pair myself) and so fun!

Dressing them is fun but for some reason, picking the right accessories is my favorite part!  So don't forget about them as you put on all of their cute new fall clothes!

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