Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pick out your Sunday best and say "CHEESE"

Like all of you, I LOVE capturing those special moments of Liv and Ash on camera.  I do my best and get a cute shot here or there but when you have someone taking pictures who actually knows what they are doing, there is such a huge difference.  So after you have gotten some cute items for spring - something bright for the girls and maybe a plaid button down and jeans for the boys (and you live in the NJ/NY/PA/CT area), you must hire my favorite photographer.

Her name is Jamie Meier and she has an amazing eye.  Even though she has been my best friend since we were little kiddies in fluorescent Hotdoggers and slip on Keds, I truly stand behind what I say about her as a photographer.  She is so creative and will get that shot that will leave you speechless.  She shoots babies, kids, families, etc and likes to work outdoors.  Check out her blog or her facebook page to get a sense of her style.
Hayley and Lexi


If you want pricing, packages, or to just get some other info from her, you can email her at

If you trust my sense of style, trust me on this - you will NOT be sorry if you get this talented lady to photograph your kids.

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