Sunday, March 6, 2011

Neon BRIGHTS and Army Trends

Sorry it has been a while but I have been kind of busy having a baby!  Lucky for my readers who have boys, I am now up for the challenge of dressing my son just as well as I have dressed my daughter.  So stay tuned for more posts for the boys.

As I was looking for something in Denny's this week, I was literally drawn into the toddler section for girls by the bright colors for spring...not the usual hot pink and bright orange.  There were neon colors and it took a lot of strength to walk away and stay focused on Asher's wardrobe.  Using neon pinks, yellows, etc., I am reminiscent of my two tone neon Umbros.  But OMG...Flowers by Zoe has hit it out of the park this time.  I couldn't find a lot of images but if you can get into your local FBZ retailer, definitely check it out.

This romper from Bloomie's retails for $78.

The other trend for little girls is not really new but kind of fun...I will call it posh army - keeping with the military trend of the past couple of years but adding a more girly flair.  I swear that there was an entire wall of military green at Denny's...but very cute stuff.  FBZ does it again - taking the military colors but making them fun and flirty.

The dress ($82) and top ($84) below were also found at but I am sure Neiman's, Nordstrom, Saks, etc all have the full spring line.

Gap has picked up on the neon trend with a whole line.  While a little sweeter in styles, they keep with the yellows, pinks, etc shown across the board of this new trend.

I know you wouldn't splurge on these pieces for camp, but every little girl needs a few items to wear to parties.  So as the warm weather begins and you start getting out of the house, hit the stores and check out these styles.  You will definitely see Liv strutting her stuff in neon dresses and some army gear.

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