Sunday, January 9, 2011

I miss my Farlows!!

If the skinny leg jean trend has not made you reminisce about your younger days, you must have never owned a pair of Farlow jeans.  Remember the tie-dyed ones...paired with a matching tie-dyed Champion sweatshirt and tie-dyed EG's??  Well, the Gap is bringing our childhood back into style with flare.  Check out these tie-dyed skinny jeans for baby, toddler, and little girls ($29.50 for baby and toddler, $34.50 on sale for $24.15 as of 1/9/11 for little girls).  They are available in blue and pink for baby and toddler and add on purple for little girls.

I want the light blue ones for Liv in the picture above - adorable for spring!  They also have denim tie-dyed jackets available in pink and blue ($34.95) for baby and toddler and only in blue ($36.50) for little girls.  I think Liv will look so adorable and so eighties in the pink one (below).

Grab some cute slouchy boots ($34.95) and ruffle top ($16.50) and your fashionista will be starting out the new year in style.

I can't seem to pay full price at the Gap any more because there is always some sort of sale or coupon so I am holding out a little to buy these but you can be sure her mama has started planning her spring wardrobe.  (If you shop at any of the three stores, Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic, I highly recommend looking into a credit card at one of them.  I get TONS of coupons, free shipping and alterations, and other things with my Banana Republic card).

If you can't even think of warmer days ahead, the cure is spring shopping!!  The stores are starting to put cruise wear and winter merchandise on sale to make room for the new favorite time of the year is when all the styles start coming out for the new season so even 8 months pregnant, I am on top of the trends!

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