Monday, March 28, 2011

Asher the Smasher

With a full head of spiked hair and hitting almost 12 pounds by his 1 month visit, Asher's style is more of a rocker look than a sweet baby look - hence the nickname, Smasher.  We don't do puppy dogs or trains.  We do guitars, skull and bones, and camo.  A lot of mom's I know want to have girl so they can have fun dressing them but I have to say, I LOVE shopping for Asher.  It is a challenge but so far, I haven't had any problems building a wardrobe for my little man.

And that is exactly what I love to do...dress him like a little man.  I have SOOOO much to blog about with his clothes but I won't overwhelm you in one post.  So let's start with his newborn wardrobe.

Layette - as I have blogged about before, there are a few brands that you should incorporate into your layette or for a gift.  I love Baby Steps and Mish Mish (nice cotton pieces, cute prints, matching beanies and blankets, made in Israel), Petit Lem (beautiful stripes, great color combos, good for when you want to show him off), and a few Gap stretchies.  The last brand I recently discovered and LOVE is called Kicky Pants.  I got a couple of pieces on and after receiving them, immediately went back and ordered a whole bunch more!  Their Bamboo Basics are soft, functional, and a must have.  The blanket I got is one of the best swaddle blankets I have found and the PJ's for your little one will keep them comfy.  I want a couple of pieces for myself!!  The piece below (coveralls in Twilight $26) is good for PJ's or playtime and it is such a great shade of blue!

As I plan for spring and summer, I have been checking out Nordstrom, Gap, Denny's (the usual suspects) for influence.  There is a lot of music inspired prints - guitars, headphones on t-shirts, etc.  I found an adorable onesie ($28) from Nordstrom by Mini Shatsu.  Great for playdates or visiting the grandparents when you want to wear something cute.

For special family visits when you want to be casual, Splendid Littles is always reliable.  While definitely on the pricy side, one outfit per season is worth the money.  The material is so soft and the styles are always on the mark.  Splendid can be found in your favorite kid's boutique but also at a lot of department stores (and a less expensive version can be found at Target).  Another piece found at Nordstrom ($66):

For a fun, trendy brand, check out Charlie Rocket.  They make clothes for boys and girls.  Olivia's FAVORITE hoodie is from CR but hands down, they are one of the cutest brands for boys - infant sizes and up.  Charlie Rocket can be found in a LOT of stores.  The colors are bright and the styles are fun - plaid shirts, funky graphic tees, etc.  I got Ash a fun, plaid shirt for the summer and as he leaves the layette stage and enters the button down and jeans stage, you can be sure he will be sporting some CR.  Google it to find some cute stuff but if you live near Denny's (and probably Lester's but I am not sure) you can definitely find something cute for the spring/summer.  I contacted the company and they never got back to me as to where you can find a good assortment but contact me if you are interested and I will get more info.

Well mommies, now you get it all...I have one of each and you know me well enough by now to know I will not be stopped.  I am determined that Asher's wardrobe will live up to or even exceed Olivia's.  Since he is only 6 weeks old and already has 5 pairs of shoes, I think this will be a cinch!!

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