Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rainy Days

I should be too embarrassed to admit this but I have spent the last 3 hours shopping online for a raincoat and rain boots for Liv. Like most toddlers, she loves to jump around and splash in the puddles but I really don't want her ruining her adorable shoe collection. So I have found some rain boots on my favorite shoe website, One brand I kept coming across is Kamik. I saw a pair of boots with a cute pattern in Nordstrom but I decided to see what else I could find.
I was on the fence about the raincoat and rain boot sets - you know the ones that have matching prints or are animal themes. They are cute but I wanted something a little more simple. I almost ordered bright yellow boots and a coat from LL Bean but changed my mind last minute because they didn't seem to match each other.

I decided to go with the Kamik Slosh and Kamik Willow 2 rain boots from ($29.95). Then was the decision about color. Since has the BEST return policy and they make it so easy to do, I ordered 3 pairs - pink (Slosh), black (Slosh), and a pink floral pattern (Willow 2). I ordered a size up so they can fit her through the fall. I'll see which ones are the cutest in person and keep those. I also ordered a pair for myself - Kamik Heidi rain boots in 2 colors and will also decide which one I like better when I see them.

Let your child splash around in the April showers but DON'T sacrifice a cute pair of shoes in the name of fun. Pick up a pair of rain boots, a cute rain coat, and if you really want to make their day, get them their own umbrella. You will have some great functional items and an excellent photo op!

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