Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Tea" Party

I first discovered Tea Collection when Liv was about 6 weeks old. I was at the beach just walking around and found a romper in a soft material and a fantastic print for the fall. It fit really well, washed well, and was 100% cotton. Being a new mom, I didn't know a lot of kids brands and also didn't know the importance of 100% cotton clothes. I realized that I stumbled upon a gem and found that Nordstrom (a suburban mom's go-to for cute clothes) carried a lot of the line.

I some how got on the catalog mailing list and got the newest catalog last week. The patterns and colors are so adorable. You can buy sets of outfits that are mix and match. I am really into navy for both Liv and for me so I got the "Soon-Hee" 6 piece set from the Korean inspired collection (pic above). Even better, I found a coupon code for 10% off (TTEN). The sandals look adorable on the models but I took them out of my online shopping cart last minute. I also got a pair of "Gypsy Capri Pants" (pics below) in navy to match the set. They run pretty true to size, although they say that some of their stuff runs a little small.

The prices are moderate (around $129 for the 6 piece Soon-Hee set before the discount) and the quality and styles are fantastic. I have only one problem with ordering from the Tea Collection website (, the charge for shipping. It was $11.95 for my order. I couldn't find a free shipping code online and I really think that they should at least offer free shipping for orders over $75 or $100.

Well mommies, if you haven't started shopping for your little one for the spring/summer, what are you waiting for?!?! And if you find anything that you think I should share with everyone else, please email me at

Happy shopping!!

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