Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little Boat

When I went to Paris my junior year of college, I couldn't wait to get a Lonchamps bag, a Herve Chapelier tote, and as many Petit Bateau shirts as I could carry. I sort of forgot the brand even existed until I was looking for some basics for Liv. I am sure many of you had your share of PB's...well now it is time to buy them for someone they are actually made for!! If you go on their website, http://www.petit-bateau.us/, you will find some great basics. I don't love their "fashion" items because I do not think they are very fashionable, but my package arrived today with 2 t-shirts and 3 tanks and they are perfect!! I bought Liv a 3 and a 4 for the summer. I think they run a little small. The 3 should fit her but I think the 4 won't be too big. The basic t-shirts and tanks are under $20 each but I would definitely recommend buying a pack of two or three. They wash well and will work with a lot of spring and summer outfits!! Bon Shopping!!

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