Saturday, May 1, 2010

My second favorite Soffe

My first favorite is of course my niece Sophie but I have fallen for the boy beater tanks by Soffe. I found the first one for Liv at Denny's (local kids clothing store for those of you who do not live in NJ/NY area) while looking for something for my niece in the girls section. The tank says size 7 (small) but looked small enough to fit Liv. I got hooked by the adorable blue tie-dye design (you all know I am a sucker for tie-dye) on a basic ribbed tank at under $10 and I figured if she can't wear it this summer, she can wear it next summer. I brought it home, washed it, and put it on Liv the first chance I got. It is a tiny bit long but barely noticeable.
I love how a basic ribbed tank and jean shorts/capris look on Liv.

I went back to Denny's and couldn't find any more. So I went to the Soffe
website and found an abundance of these tanks for only $8.99!!! They didn't have the tie-dye ones available but I got a couple of white ones, a black one, and a pink one. There were a couple of other colors I liked that were out of stock but the ones I got are definitely a good addition to her summer wardrobe.

Check them out under Kids Tops. There are 16 colors and definitely some other cute ideas that are under $20. For the older kids, you cannot go wrong with their basic cotton shorts in almost 50 colors for only $6.99!!! There are some other tie-dyed products in great color combinations too!

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