Saturday, May 8, 2010

For the tootsies

After a lot of wasted money, I have finally found my favorite two types of socks.  For a thinner, basic, good for day care sock, go to Target.  A six pack of white or colored socks is under $10 and can be found in the baby section.  For running around the house and any where your fashionista will not be wearing shoes, splurge for Gymboree's bow socks.  They have a scalloped edge and a cute tiny grosgrain bow with grips on the bottom.  They come in different colors every season but I would focus mostly on just white.  I cannot count how many times Olivia tried to run to me and she slipped and fell because she wasn't wearing socks with grips.  They are 3 for $10 but if you can find an outlet, you can get the same socks for 4 for $8.  I stock up each season with about 30 pairs of socks split 50/50 between Target and Gymboree.  You may think I am crazy to have so many pairs of socks but between Olivia taking off her socks and throwing them and the babysitter's house, I lose around 10 pairs a year.  And since there are only two types of socks, there is always a match.

I don't normally like to knock other brands, but the socks I would stay away from are from Old Navy and Foot Locker.  Old Navy has some non-cuffed socks with grips on the bottom but they are thick and I would only recommend them for the winter.  Gap is a safe bet but the only ones I like are the ones that are not cuffed.  They are usually colored to match that season's line.

As a shoe aficionado, you must make sure that with the cute shoes you are putting on your fashionista, there are equally cute socks underneath!

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  1. Totally agree with you on Old Navy & Gap. Other good ones for the infants are Trumpettes (they run a bit small).